Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ruby is... duhn duhn DUHN... FOUR.

Holy crap. How did that happen? I feel like someone who just rode some totally insane roller coaster and trying to describe it to someone: "First we were like WAAAH! And then there were some ups and then DOWN REALLY FAST! And it was so scary and weird! But then there was this crazy loop and it was like WOOOH WOOOH! And then it was super fast and scary and we were like AAAAAAACK! And it's still going!"

Anyways, Ru is 4. She's awesome and fun and frustrating and funny and smart and a total nicompoop. Here are some pictures from her party a few weeks ago and dinner tonight. About her party [and let me just tell you right now that as I'm typing this, Kermit is literally trying to push his face between my typing hands, pushing my fingers off the keys. Just so you know the battle I'm waging as I write.]: She told me forever she wanted a princess/pinkalicious/cupcake party. Which I translated to mean "make it pink -- a shit ton of pink." Then she started watching Star Wars, and started telling everyone that she was having a Princess Leia party. Hm. So, I made her shirt to honor her devotion to the Rebellion. Also, I made the skirt (yes! I did!). And we had an awesome face painter. And Ruby makes hilarious, odd faces when she knows the camera is on her.

How fantastic was the make-up artist? SO FANTASTIC.

This was (probably) their literal conversation: "Are you a princess today?" "Yeah I'm a princess today!" "Are you ready to go be princesses?" "Yeah let's go be princesses now!" "Princesses!" "PRINCESSES!!!" AAAAAAHHHH!

24 karat curls!

"Have you tried the purple juice box? Oh my god, you should. It's a-MA-zing."

This was it. The best shot of the four of us from the party. THIS is the best we can do. Ruby could not be more over posing for the camera.

How achingly sweet is that funny smile?

Love. Pure radiance.

This is better. We clearly can't be posed is the thing -- that was the problem with the picture from the party. We cannot try. We must simply be.

Tabitha did not get "make a silly face."

I think Ferris Bueller said it best: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Dude. Truer words, y'know?

P.S. Now that I've edited and uploaded about 400 pictures that I've taken since February, I MAY blog a bit more. MAY. MAY MAY MAY.


Blogger Joan said...

What an wonderful surprise to find this morning - a birthday blog post. The pictures were amazing and I hope that Ruby enjoys her "day after her birthday" as much as she has the preceeding days. Every four year old girl should be a princess, and I love the fact that the princess of choice is Princess Leah. Phooey on those Disney princeses - how cliche. I enjoyed our brief phone conversation last night, but wish I could be there to visit. Love you guys very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBY !!!!!!!

3:20 AM  
Anonymous daddy's daddy said...

This is a good way to start my day. Wonderful pix of my grandgirls, as well as, my son & beautiful daughter-in-law.

5:44 AM  
Blogger Christi Harrison said...

love it! you can't make a 4 year old pose naturally. so true. you guys are awesome. post more please!

8:11 PM  
Blogger sanonnie said...

Priceless! Thank you for making my day!

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

For. The. Love. Of. God. Please blog more.

That is all.

5:12 PM  

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