Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ruby is... duhn duhn DUHN... FOUR.

Holy crap. How did that happen? I feel like someone who just rode some totally insane roller coaster and trying to describe it to someone: "First we were like WAAAH! And then there were some ups and then DOWN REALLY FAST! And it was so scary and weird! But then there was this crazy loop and it was like WOOOH WOOOH! And then it was super fast and scary and we were like AAAAAAACK! And it's still going!"

Anyways, Ru is 4. She's awesome and fun and frustrating and funny and smart and a total nicompoop. Here are some pictures from her party a few weeks ago and dinner tonight. About her party [and let me just tell you right now that as I'm typing this, Kermit is literally trying to push his face between my typing hands, pushing my fingers off the keys. Just so you know the battle I'm waging as I write.]: She told me forever she wanted a princess/pinkalicious/cupcake party. Which I translated to mean "make it pink -- a shit ton of pink." Then she started watching Star Wars, and started telling everyone that she was having a Princess Leia party. Hm. So, I made her shirt to honor her devotion to the Rebellion. Also, I made the skirt (yes! I did!). And we had an awesome face painter. And Ruby makes hilarious, odd faces when she knows the camera is on her.

How fantastic was the make-up artist? SO FANTASTIC.

This was (probably) their literal conversation: "Are you a princess today?" "Yeah I'm a princess today!" "Are you ready to go be princesses?" "Yeah let's go be princesses now!" "Princesses!" "PRINCESSES!!!" AAAAAAHHHH!

24 karat curls!

"Have you tried the purple juice box? Oh my god, you should. It's a-MA-zing."

This was it. The best shot of the four of us from the party. THIS is the best we can do. Ruby could not be more over posing for the camera.

How achingly sweet is that funny smile?

Love. Pure radiance.

This is better. We clearly can't be posed is the thing -- that was the problem with the picture from the party. We cannot try. We must simply be.

Tabitha did not get "make a silly face."

I think Ferris Bueller said it best: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Dude. Truer words, y'know?

P.S. Now that I've edited and uploaded about 400 pictures that I've taken since February, I MAY blog a bit more. MAY. MAY MAY MAY.

Friday, April 01, 2011

March was a MONTH, y'all

Dear Mes Petits Amis of the Tickly-Webs,

It's been too long, non? I have no excuse other than I am EXTREMELY lazy (I was going to finish that clause with "these days," but let's not have lies among friends). I do actually attribute that laziness to being tired running all over creation after two tiny ones, but when I say that, I'm pretty sure that I'm just making excuses for myself and that, no, it really is a defect of my character.

So let me just tell you, March was ridiculous. Like, ridiculous ridiculous. Can I share a little timeline with you?

  • March 4            Find out I got the promotion in my office that I applied for. Kind of freak because I'll actually have to work really hard, but then freak more over the pay bump.
  • March 6           My grandmother dies.
  • March 14         My first day of work in the new position
  • March 15         Moving day (just across town, but did you know that you have to still do as much packing and unpacking to move across town and you do to move across the country? I am going to move to Maine next time, just on principal).
  • March 19         I speak at my grandmother's memorial service, then literally (OK, not really) race across LA to go to a Persian New Year's party immediately after. The nice thing is, my little black dress was able to do double duty.
  • March 24         We put my dog down. Out of the blue.
  • March 26         Three of us wake up with sore throats and two of those three had high fevers all day. Turns out to be strep throat. It is also Wade's birthday.
So you see what I mean, ducks? It was up, it was down, it was the best of times, it was a shitty month.

Not all bad, I guess. Tabby didn't get sick, and that was a blessing. We had cool, rainy weather and I got to play pretend Northwesterner off and on all month (but still enjoy 80 weather today, which is my new favorite part of that game). Other than that...

And for one more (large) tally in the "crap" column, the girls have not really been sleeping great since the move. (But really, who are we kidding? If sleeping at night was a subject in school, Tabitha has never really gotten above a C-.) So I'd say on average, we've gotten 4-5 hours of sleep a night since early March. And 4-5 hours a night does not leave you much of a buffer with which to deal with life's slings and arrows, y'know?

Oh yeah, and my dog died. OUT OF NOWHERE. It was torsion. Her stomach got bloated after eating one night, and then it twisted and started cutting off her blood supply. We had to put her down. I am devastated about my grandmother too, don't get me wrong, but at least she had the courtesy to give us a few months' warning. Lulu, the classless thing, just went from healthy to dead in a few hours. Sigh. That was a bad night, y'all.

So frankly, I'm hoping April just gives me a breather. No devastating earthquake in LA, no sickness, no death, nobody losing a job, a limb, even their hair. Just some time to regroup. I know I'm just asking for May to come and beat me up, whatever. Bring it, May. Just leave me alone, April.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Is it too late for Halloween pictures?

Or how about a week before Halloween? Whatever. They're cute pictures of my kids. Time of year is inconsequential. (And I'm too tired for captions. All four of us are sick + Daylight savings sucks with a baby and toddler = I'm going to post this as is and watch "Castle.")


Monday, October 25, 2010

Not just cod liver oil -- FERMENTED cod liver oil!

YUM! -- Am I right? Huh?


OK, well I'm still entering this contest to win a bottle, so suck it. Or take a spoonful of it, your choice.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

She's, like, seven in cat years.

Hello. It's my birthday. 

Yes indeed! It was Tabby's big day last Saturday! And the bakery celebrated by renaming her.

 Here it is in close up in case you missed it.
To be fair, this is how all our Persian relatives say her name, so it's sort of apt.

This was one of those parties that was way more for the adults, but for the few kiddos that were there, this makeshift ball-pit provided much entertainment.

Then it came time to eat the cake. You know how babies always dive into the cake with verve and enthusiasm?  Tabs -- not so much. She took a taste and then proceeded to grab at it and enjoy the sensation of smushing it between her fingers.

And then she fed me. Girlfriend fed me the whole piece of cake. If the picture was larger, you could tell that I have whipped cream (seriously, I am a whipped-cream-on-birthday-cake convert. It's decadent and refreshing at the same time. Frosting drools -- whipped cream rules!) all over my face. In fact, if you look closely, you can see it already on my dress. So excited was she about feeding me -- and can we all just note how sweet that is? -- that I actually had to go change and scrub down about five minutes after this picture was taken. Side note: whipped cream residue is an amazing facial moisturizer.

Then we opened presents. Or rather, Ruby opened the presents (except this one); Tabitha played with a balloon. Or rather, Tabitha tried to eat the balloon; Mommy ran over to take it out of her hands every thirty seconds. 

And what is a Tabby like at one year old?

She's willful. When she wants to go outside, she will sign for outside until her hands fall off, and she will yell at you until you do her bidding. 

She eats like a locust. Until she's done (abruptly), at which point she'll look at you... and drop the remains of her meal on the floor. Slowly. Deliberately.

She's got a wicked sense of humor. Her peek-a-booing skills are clever and quick. 

She's fearless. This one sucks as far as I'm concerned. It means that she does stuff like stick her face underwater in the bath (for real? what the hell baby does this voluntarily?). She doesn't fuss about it, unless she accidentally gets water up her nose, but still. It's not normal. And it means that she's also a climber. So, we have this in her room:
I left her in what I thought was her childproofed room for literally a minute (LITERALLY -- I went to go pee), and she had climbed up to the second shelf. Seriously, just kill me now. I do not want to live through the anxiety and stress that these two children are going to cause me. (OK, just kidding, I totally do. For every stressful moment, they make me laugh for at least ten more moments.) She also climbs on the our little kids chairs and up on to the little kids table, where she tried to stand up earlier today. She backwards climbs out the front and back doors. She would've already tumped out of her crib by now if the bumper was solid, but since it just folds down when she steps on it, luckily we have another few months before she jailbreaks on us. Seriously, we're going to have get one of these, and she's going to start calling me Zookeeper instead of Mama:

And, of course, she's doing all this willful, funny, fearless stuff faster and faster these days, because she is walking her little butt off all over the place. More like ten or so steps at a time, but she's getting faster and more sure of herself everyday.

Happy birthday, my curly-haired little heart-attack-waiting-to-happen. You are a peach. I love you.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ruby's school was closed the other day, so we had a good old fashioned day at home. Just the sisters, hanging out, jumping in the crib, being hooligans.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Tabby has actually gouged out some areas from the wood on her crib from gnawing. My little hamster.

Mess with the bull, you'll get the horns.

"...and then he was all 'yeah,' and I was all, 'whatever,' and he was all, 'right?'"

"Pee Pie!" (Pee Pie is what my mother in law says instead of peek-a-boo. It is not a pie made out of pee.)

You can't quite tell, but Ruby is pushing T's arms into hugging position.

It's like some seedy bar that I accidentally walked in on.

Here at Inga's Swedish Massage, we really believe in taking time for yourself.

I love this, them playing together. And you know what I'm going to love even more? When they can play by themselves, and I sneak in to take these pictures. But still, this is pretty awesome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is one of those things that I never got to do as a kid, so I was the first one to sign up once I was the mom.

Guess who's mom volunteered to take home the class guinea pigs over the long weekend? (I was asked to be one of the room parents this weekend, and I guess that's what taking care of rodents will earn you. By the way, I am INORDINATELY pleased about this. I will kick so much ass at room parenting, you have no idea.)

We called this one Plaid. There was a black one with a white spot we called Polka Dot (someone's been watching too much "Project Runway"...). We actually came up with these names ourselves because -- oddly -- these two don't have names. I guess since kids cycle through the classrooms all the time (two classrooms share these guys), no names ever stick around long enough ... though couldn't the teachers just pick two names and call it a day? I mean, are they worried the guinea pigs are going to get confused?

Kermit was intrigued as was an un-pictured Lulu. Especially as I frequently took PD and Plaid out and would hold them in front of Lulu's nose. Lulu's squirrel chasing days are over. The old girl needs to get her kicks somehow, you know? 
Extreme schnozzular close-up!
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